Two-dimensional code integral exchange service system interconnected with internet e-commerce and us MST algorithm based Vietnamese dependency tree library construction method Superfine metalloceramics material and preparation method thereof Resonant type high-current-density transformer High-powered wheel type tractor braking system Method and device for improving hardness of inner wall of steel tube 1000kV gas insulation combination electric appliance ultrahigh frequency partial discharge detection Self-adaption preparation method for satellite stereoscopic image Facial mask for replenishing moisture intensively with pearl essence and preparation method of facia Data transmitting method Automatic pipeline intercepting valve Digital surface model based city catchment area extraction method Liquor aroma type spice and application thereof to cigarette Non-expansive fireproof sound absorption coating and spraying method thereof Five-layer plywood and manufacturing method thereof Detection method for smart information of hard disk in linux system On-line grain charging and cooling device in alcohol brewage production and grain addition and mixin Automatic control washing device for haze Boss molding process for pipe Environment-friendly ecological breeding method for megalobrama amblycephala Universal digital modeling method for hardware device Avocado, chicken kidney and tortoise urinus soup and making method thereof Non-standard Internet-of-Things operating system Printing and dyeing wastewater filtration device Cotton yarn dyeing wastewater treatment equipment Intelligent main engine nitrogen purging system for compressed natural gas vessel and working method Treatment system for effluent discharged by ship Water heating system for compressed natural gas vessel and working method thereof Hybrid driving system of shield tunnel tunneling machine and control method thereof Toy sales platform Calandria submerged combustion method and nozzle submerged combustor thereof Method for synthesizing methyl 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzoate from gallic acid Method for synthesizing methyl 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzoate by using one-step method Method for preparing high-yield raphanin Preparation method of high-strength ferrous aluminate cement Method for removing thiophene in coking benzene Industrial switch electrical port transmission method based on video code stream technology Preparation method of diatomite composite material SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) and WebService based data migration method Preparation technology of enzyme fruit vinegar Preparation method of antibacterial sepiolite powder Transdermal analgesic free of toxic and side effects and preparation method thereof Operation system used for environmental health and having garbage monitoring function Operation system for environmental sanitation Device for reconstructing coracoclavicular ligament Municipal sludge treatment curing agent and preparation method thereof Single-port optical transmitter-receiver Cultivation method for interplanting cherry trees in tea garden Method for preparing soil nutrient adjusting fertilizer from oil-containing sludge Preparation method of high-temperature-resistant composite biological oil-displacing agent Method for recycling glyphosate mother solution Preparing method for platinum-loaded microporous activated carbon material Preparation method of porous bamboo charcoal-coated neodymium-iron-boron magnet wave-absorbing mater Preparation method for modified clay/polyethylene terephthalate composite material Cross-flow liquid film filtering technique and cross-flow liquid filter operating method
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